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The Experiment

The theme for this year has been experiment.  Taking time to make new things {& lots of mistakes} has been top priority so far all while having fun with the process and seeing where it all goes.

Along the way, the theme of handicraft seeped into my brain.  It all started with a piece of perforated leather I found on vacation and the need to learn to cross stitch (on the leather) has grown to a whole new obsession.

There’s something zen about sitting down with a needle, a blank canvas and a big pile of colorful threads that suddenly is ultra appealing.  So I’m running with it.  And the theme of experimentation is coming with me. 

Along with the big pile of colorful threads. 

And of course this blank canvas.

For the next however many days, I’m moving forward with no plan of attack, no pattern, and no real idea of what I’m doing just to see what I can create.  I'll be documenting the journey and updating this post with where it takes me.  Follow along & start a project of your own if you feel so inclined.

Happy creating!


6/17/2017 humble beginnings 



6/21/2017 UPDATE: I’ve officially shied away from the idea of having no rules.  Because apparently I have a hard time following rules, even when the rules are that there are no rules…

Simple guidelines = helpful so I’ve added a simple guideline (AKA pencil line... you'll have to wait to see what shape it takes).  As well as one more simple guideline- only use scraps.  Thread pieces not quite long enough for a real embroidery piece were hanging around, so I’ll only be using those to compete this project.  That and any other scraplings that get encountered along the way.  Including some pieces from the also somewhat recent obsession with up-cycling old sweaters.  You guys- this obsession is sorta getting out of hand...



6/24/2017 Speaking of experiments... Caught the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture today {totes recommend}.  I've always been a fan of his work, but this stopped me in my tracks.

There was a whole section dedicated to his EXPERIMENTS.

Call it the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon or just plain human nature that most successful people have some experiments under their belt, but talk about hitting home.

And now for more thread stuff...

6/25/2017 Mistakes keep happening and I keep leaving them.  Favorite one to date is the little coral poof where a piece of yarn broke.  Tried to mimic it again with a French knot, but it wasn't the same.  Also had a yellow moment while watching La La Land which was kind of ironic.

6/26/2017 Exploring florals for reasons that may or may not be revealed eventually.

6/27/2017 Bought a bag of pom poms today because they were on sale, but mostly because they were pretty and I love pom poms.  





8/31/17 Whoa, long hiatus from this whole thang!  Getting back at it. 




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