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BIZ CRUSH: Pink Linen Designs

BIZ crush

Kait has a killer sense of style, color & an overall eye for design. She turned what started as some doodles & some cut outs into a thriving business often seeking creative suggestions from her 3 daughters. Clearly, they have great ideas, because everything Kait creates is ultra whimsical & crazy cute.

Keep reading to learn more about Pink Linen Designs + get a giant dose of playfulness.

Kait Schroeder pink linen designs

Photo by Beth Cath

What kind of kid were you growing up? I loved playing outside, being active, drawing and creating in my room. I was also pretty shy....except if I knew you well. I’ve always been more of a visual learner. I remember just always doodling in class, I think every single notebook I ever owned was filled to the brim with doodles in the margins!

How did that affect your creative path? I’ve always loved drawing and creating and trying new art forms, that I think it makes sense I ended up with my own business that involves making and designing. After my third kid was born (all under 3 1/2 years) I wanted an outlet to create and this all came together. It has been so fun!

doodles in the margins, pink linen designs

If your story could fit into a 30 second commercial, how would it go down? Girl living life the best she can raising her three girls to be the best that they can be, lots of grocery shopping, homework help, car rides, emails, painting, making, creating and fun thrown in there!

What ultimately made you decide to do the lovely thing you do? Fulfills a need to create, I wouldn’t feel complete without being able to do and make.

Who’s positively influenced your path the most? My husband

How did the name “Pink Linen Designs” come to fruition? After playing around with words and and thinking about things I enjoyed and different mediums....these words seemed to fit together well!

How would you describe your style? Modern, whimsical, with a little hippy/bohemian vibe

Favorite part about working for yourself? Calling my own hours, can work anytime, still able to be home with my kids full time Most challenging thing about working for yourself? Tricky doing it all at home and learning the mom/business owner balance

pink linen designs clouds

Photo by Beth Cath

How do you get your creative juices flowing? Hanging out in my girl’s craft room with them, magazines, Pinterest, exploring

If you could be a fly on the wall to anyone’s creative space {dead or alive} who would it be? Joy Cho of Oh Joy!

Talk about a failure you’ve learned from. I think in the beginning of my business I didn’t give myself enough credit and stand up for myself enough, but I have learned that is very important to do when working for yourself.

What’s one of your proudest accomplishments in business? Getting published in a few magazines, and having my house tour on design sponge.

What do you wish you knew when you first started that you know now? I have to stand up for myself in my business and be confident in what I do

What has been your favorite project to date & how did it come to fruition? Getting to design a new piece that was used in a new t.v. show coming out. And doing a photo shoot for my products with Bethany and Ashley.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen or experienced thanks to your career path? To do fun craft shows around the cities and meeting so many people, it has been so fun!

What’s next / what are you most excited about? I’m excited about keeping on making new products, connecting with more customers and stores and taking it all one step at a time!

pink linen designs wall art

Photo by Beth Cath

Time of the day you are most productive:


The app you couldn’t live without:

Instagram, podcasts

Social media outlet you love most:


Favorite account to follow on this outlet:

Favorite internet radio station at the moment:

‘How I built this’ podcast

Favorite Netflix binge:

Queer Eye

Go to piece in your wardrobe:

Cropped high waisted jeans and a tank top

The coolest tool you own:

CNC machine (what I use to cut out my products) and my giant loom my husband made me. Favorite medium to work with:

Drawing, painting and working with my mdf and plywood products. And I also love sewing, weaving and learning and playing around with lots of other art forms, there’s so much out there!

The best “hidden gem” in the community:

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum for the kids play yard and the hiking trails

Where can we find your work? I like you (St. paul and Mpls), Golden Rule, Pip and Pal, Hwy North are the Twin Cities stores

pink linen designs eyelashes

Photo by Beth Cath

See more from Pink Linen here: Online | Instagram | Facebook


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