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Bring Me Your Ripped Clothes

Updated: Jan 8

I remember being a kid walking through a tourist town and seeing street performers set up on any old corner with an open guitar case making money doing what they love. I remember wishing I could do that- show off my talents on some busy street and make a living. But I don't sing, play guitar, beatbox or juggle. I sew.

So I decided to try setting up my proverbial guitar case and asking for money in return for doing what I love. Whatever you want to toss in in exchange for sewing whatever you want sewed.

Bring me your ripped seams, jean jackets, projects you've been meaning to get to patches that need applying or appliqués that need appliquéing.

I'll also have a collection of goods for sale and am excited to chat with you about all things upcycling, repurposing and crafting in general. Or dogs. I'd love to hear about your dog.

Find me ready to repair at Ren Market the last Sunday of the month for the rest of the summer.

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that leaving pricing completely open is quite stressful for the average Midwesterner. So let me present you with a handy dandy pricing sheet!

(Please keep in mind that each repair is its own custom project, but this is a great guideline!)

PS can you tell I don't care for zippers?


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