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An earth toned wrapper & slapping the word “natural” on something doesn’t mean shit.

In an industry that loves to greenwash, here’s my truth: Potato chips & Dots pretzels are my vice (& I still haven’t figured out a use for all the wrappers that come with them... although my dad just suggested dog poop bags #genius). I probably use more packaging than necessary. I’m a sucker for branding (+ stickers) & I don’t know how I survived before I bought my Dymo label printer (AKA could also use an upcycle ASAP for all the long streamers of sticker backing I’m trashing).

Some stuff just doesn't make the cut. Experiments fail & not every single scrap gets used. Although I attempt to use it all- SOME THINGS STILL GET TOSSED.

THE POINT: I talk a lot about upcycling, but I’m still figuring A LOT of stuff out.

Like most things.

And also... evening things out is progress 💪

So I'm a long way from "zero waste," but there are also a few less dead inflatables gracing the earth.

Because now they’re gracing earlobes. THE OTHER POINT: We’re all making progress together even though alone it feels like hocking a loogie into the ocean.

And most times it feels like I'm hocking a loogie into the ocean.


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