Maverick Leather Handbag | Ex-Boyfriend Collection

Maverick Leather Handbag | Ex-Boyfriend Collection

Back in 2014 I dreamed up the Ex-Boyfriend collection & collabed with a good high school pal to create the graphics of the famous jackets they were inspired by.  Flash back to 2020 when I found some of them tucked away in storage.  It's time they see the light of day & find their forever homes.  Also, please enjoy this original copy from back in the day:


A sexy specimen from The Ex-Boyfriend Collection, inspired by the jacket it came from & the man who wore it.  


A daredevil known for his piloting skills & singing to women in bars, he swept me off my feet with his rendition of "She Lost That Loving Feeling," but in the end his adventurous ways were just too much.  


This bag was handcrafted from a vintage leather jacket, embellished with fur from his collar and the patches he earned along the way and lined with custom CRAVE fabric to set this one-of-a-kind piece apart.


Bag body measures approx. 10.5" x 14" x 2", adjustable strap measures 27" - 52".  Features a zip top closure, front patch pocket, back hidden pocket and interior pocket.


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