MJ Leather Handbag | Ex-Boyfriend Collection

MJ Leather Handbag | Ex-Boyfriend Collection

Back in 2014 I dreamed up the Ex-Boyfriend collection & collabed with a good high school pal to create the graphics of the famous jackets they were inspired by.  Flash back to 2020 when I found some of them tucked away in storage.  It's time they see the light of day & find their forever homes.  Also, please enjoy this original copy from back in the day:


A zombie-like specimen from The Ex-Boyfriend Collection, inspired by the jacket it came from & the man who wore it.  (AKA Michael in Thriller)


He wooed me with his cool convertible & class ring, but things got weird when the moon came out.  I guess werewolves & zombies just aren't my type.


This bag was handcrafted from a vintage leather jacket, inspired by his broad shoulders & scrunched sleeves.  Featuring plenty of pockets (front, back & interior) and custom CRAVE lining.


Bag body measures approx. 10.5" x 9" x 2", adjustable strap measures 28" - 54".


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