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Our Eco-Friendly Elopement

June 9, 2019

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MY BEEF With Faux Leather

October 24, 2017

I may talk like I'm a few flax seeds away from being a granola cruncher, but I’m not vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or anti the next big thing to be anti, nor do I ever plan to be.  Unless the day comes where it’s possible to be against fruits/veggies, live off of potato chips & chocolate sprinkle donuts + not die of diabetes or heart disease.  In which case I’ll be here thriving off of potato chips & chocolate sprinkle donuts. 


I digress.


At this point I’ve basically done everything but scream from the mountain tops my appreciation for re-purposing & making #SMALLCHANGES towards saving the world.  But there’s one issue that I haven’t touched upon yet.  So I'm conducting research + solidifying my standpoint when it comes to leather {of the genuine & faux variety}.  The point of this post is to set the record straight that faux leather isn’t as eco-friendly as you may think & in my humble opinion up-cycling the genuine stuff is as good as you can get.


I may be biased, but hear me out. 


Polyurethane = Plastic


Check the label on a pleather garment and it will typically read, “100% Polyurethane”

AKA 100% plastic.


You want to talk about "going green"?  That conversation usually starts and ends with bashing all things containing phthalates or petroleum based.  So why is faux leather considered the "eco-friendly" choice?


I'm not that dense- I realize there are animals involved {or not involved for that matter}, but the real deal also just plain performs better & lasts longer which means less waste {or in my case, stands the chance at being made into something new}. 


Your Dollars = Your Vote


The process of treating & tanning leather has its downsides.  Lots of them.  I’m not trying to cover that up.  Here’s a sciencey article that explains moreAnd here's a nice less-sciencey piece.


Purchasing an item {leather or not} fresh from the new arrivals rack is casting a vote with your wallet that you want to see more of these products- so companies keep producing them.


Re-purposing = Queen


Until Marty McFly visits me IRL there is nothing I can do about the leather that was manufactured {responsibly or not} in the early 80s.  Literally nothing.  I wasn’t even born yet. 


Whether you're anti-leather or not- there is nothing that can be done to prevent the products that were produced in the past, but there's a heck of a lot I can do to give it new life.  


This.  Is.  The.  Whole.  Point. 

We can’t prevent the past, but we can give it new purpose. 

This, in essence, is why I love what I do.  And though I may not be against responsibly purchasing leather per se, producing more junk in general is something I can't be gung ho about.


Side note: we can prevent it from being produced NOW {if you feel so inclined} by not voting for more with your dollars.


Education = King


Not ALL faux leather is polyurethane, and not ALL leather is a by-product of meat producers or treated with ultra-terrible chemicals.  There's another side to every story & sometimes it's hard to know what's what.  New alternatives are being created & less harmful treatments are gaining popularity.


However, when forced to make the choice between a faux chocolate sprinkle donut, or a genuine chocolate sprinkle donut... it's still a donut. There's no one right way to go about it. 


Maybe that's a terrible analogy... because who wouldn't take the REAL donut?  ...unless you're gluten-free {insert smirking emoji}


In the end, it’s all about making an informed choice, deciding what you believe in & moving forward with your standards at your side.



Care to hear a similar argument for fur?  Check this out.


P.S. have something mean or snarky to say?  Please think twice. I'm all for discussion & would love to hear your thoughts & point of view. But please hear my side of the story, too, & just play nice. 

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