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Although the list of National (fill in the blank) Days is quite extensive (and maybe even a tad bit annoying), I can’t help but rejoice a little today, on October 10th, National Handbag Day!

It may be a silly thing to celebrate, but as the girl who lives, breathes and creates all things leathery & handbag-y, I feel as if it is my duty to enjoy this mini holiday. And what better way to do so than to reminisce a bit about CRAVE’s past and what got it to be where it is today. And that all started with handbags…

1. The first. Literally.

Not just un-creatively numbering here… this is the first leather handbag I ever made. I learned a lot of what I know from a British man who made purses for the Queen. And with his help, I transformed my first hide into this scarlet beaut.

2. The other first

This one is seriously the first. The very first bag I ever created. I had probably never even seen real live leather (unless you count a cow) at this point in my life. But something struck a chord when it came to making stuff to carry my stuff in and discovering an awesome way to accessorize. This design carried on to be created in lots of different colors and several different variations because it was just that cool.

3. The first Etsy sale that wasn’t someone I knew

Yes, a big milestone indeed! Kissed this puppy goodbye and shipped her off to Texas.

4. The first bag I saw a stranger wearing

It was ragged and loved, but still recognizable. I stopped her. We chatted. She thought I was crazy.

The end.

5. Favorite fringe

This was hard to choose... It's an oldie but a goodie (as you can tell by the brick wall back drop)

6. Favorite photo shoot

I spotted a huge stack of old tires piled high outside of an abandoned gas station near my very first apartment and couldn’t help but picture it as the backdrop for an editorial photo shoot. Vogue never came to snatch up the opportunity, but I did (with the help of my friends).

7. Favorite way to accessorize this beloved accessory

Because the best fashions are fringey. And that’s a fact. It’s become a staple, a number one seller, and the easiest way to dress up a zipper or set of keys.

8. Overall favorite

It’s the fifth most common question I receive and I’ll answer it once and for all (for now anyway)… “What’s your favorite bag you’ve ever made?” They’re all kinda like children to me & I enjoy them all in different ways (except for the ones that turn out to be like the red headed step kid).

PS this one circa 2011 is a close second. Sorry... I couldn't pick just one.

Thanks for reminiscing with me and looking back at a few important milestones. Now get out there and enjoy your handbag (and your milestones, too I guess =)).

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