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More than "Happy Pants"- a metaphor

Updated: Jun 11

Let's talk about these pants for a moment, shall we? I am wearing these pants in nearly every social media photo. I am wearing them nearly every day in real life. They are my favorite pants that started as my least favorite pants. 

Just some no name jeans I thrifted during the height of changing rooms not existing and rather than returning them (you know, like a normal human might) I tailored them to fit better and adorned them with smile patches to divert attention away from my not-so-great tailoring. A story I tell nearly every human who continues to comment on my pants after the initial inevitable compliment (they really are a conversation starter) including my eye doctor this past month.

"So you took your favorite pants and made them even better," an intrigued Dr. B replied as we were chatting about said clothing item.

"Actually quite the opposite!" I bantered as a spewed off my spiel.

"This feels like a metaphor for a new way to look at life." The words nonchalantly rolled off his tongue as my mind was just beginning to blow.

My mind actually blew when I got in the car and realized HE IS SO RIGHT. I love these pants not only because keeping them saved me an awkward social interaction and added a little nostalgia to my wardrobe, but these pants are a METAPHOR.

Deep to my core I am looking at the things myself and others deem as trash, trying to find the potential and the beauty they hold. Trying to polish the turd of an ill-fitting pair of jeans or give a musty sleeping bag a better life than death in a dusty basement.

And what an accomplishment it is to turn one person's crap into something you truly give a crap about.

(This post is not at all sponsored by Zen Eye Care. But they truly are the best.)


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