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Running a business is hard.

The pressure of being successful (& profitable) + the task of figuring out what “success” means to you, the need to satisfy every customer + taking initiative to learn and grow from each mistake made.

It’s all one big daunting to do list.

On top of an already daunting to do list that includes making products, making NEW products, shipping orders out on time & responding to customer requests in a timely manner.

Sometimes we forget to take a step back and enjoy the journey.

enjoy the journey- humble postcode

Yes, it’s a lot of hard work, late nights + blood, sweat & tears… but it’s also an amazing opportunity to follow your dreams and do what you love (cliché, but true).

That’s why I’m taking some time in the middle of this crazy holiday season (+ building a new business) to sit back and be thankful for everyone who’s shopping small, appreciate that I get to make a living on making stuff, chit chat with my sister, and lastly- be thankful that I’m able to take a couple hours out of my day to do all of these things.

Because at the end of the day, I’m the one steering this ship and sometimes I’ve just gotta stop what I’m doing & complain to my sister about my trip to the dentist in order to stay sane (#truestory).

So I encourage you to do the same. Get in the holiday spirit & take some time to be thankful today & enjoy your journey. You’ll be glad you did.

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