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Today I spent the entire morning tidying & re-arranging in preparation for a shoot of my studio space with the wonderful Anne Victoria Photography. I removed most of the ugly clutter, garbage cans & that random mattress sticking out of the closet in order to make my space look more pristine than I’ve seen it before. Ever.

Then things got weird.

The space looked too good & I suddenly felt like I was trying to tell some sort of lie. Visit me on a random Wednesday and you'll find threads all over the floor, leather scraps scattered around & my scissors somewhere they don't belong. Now there was actual empty floor space sans sewing supplies which never happens in this room where no square inch gets taken for granted.

In a frazzled state, I put back some of the usual disorder in a slightly less disorderly way. I filled in all the empty floor space & ultimately attempted to have Anne capture my creative haven, rather than stage a completely curated version of what I wish it would be.

Maybe I'm writing this to clear my conscience since I finally thought I was inching towards the mindset of not giving a crap about what people think (crafty messes, included). Or maybe it’s symbolism that we’re all reaching towards an un-realistic end goal. PS I HATE symbolism.

I think it’s actually that someone’s perfect is just a curated, magazine-worthy version of their everyday mess.

Every craft room has a waste basket. It may be metal mesh with a cross-stitched floral design (next DIY project BTW), or it may be hiding in a cabinet. THE POINT IS there’s still garbage inside. Just because someone’s life (or craft room) looks perfect, doesn’t mean you should stretch yourself thin trying to achieve the same thing because NEWS FLASH: it’s not completely real.

Nevertheless, I am excited to share some beautiful images of my not so pristine space looking pretty freaking pristine. And maybe that's super contradictory given my previous rant. Just know that there was some primping involved, but it's happily back to it's thread-everywhere state of being.

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