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In Case You Were Wondering... Here's What Our Nursery Looks Like

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Well friends, the truth is a basically quit my job in order to do all things baby-related. And while I realize not everyone has this privilege, I guess it’s a perk of owning your own business, temporarily losing who you are & attempting to still feel human in the process 🤷‍♀️. And being as adorning everything in sight with tassels & pom poms is typically part of my job description anyway, I just pivoted for a few weeks (cough, months) to accommodate to the new changes!

And since I feel the need to share what I'm working on & this is what I've been working on... HERE WE ARE!

For those who have asked about a theme, I feel the only logical answer is, "Carli having a baby." It's basically as if my brain exploded in room form.

It all started with a mood board, because I take all things aesthetically pleasing very seriously. Read: browsing Pinterest while sleepily & nauseously laying on the couch was one of my favorite past times for quite awhile. So is organizing beautiful photos in a Photoshop canvas.

This then led to stalking Facebook Marketplace for furniture- another great couch potato pastime. Pom poms are also a great activity on the couch, FYI!

We scored a hand-me-down crib from my BFF & watching her + my sister try to re-assemble it with no directions was particularly entertaining (handy man husband to the rescue who properly put it together)! Most everything else pictured were odds & ends repurposed from my creative space, built by said handy man husband or whipped up by yours truly once the couch phase finally subsided.

Mobile was inspired by Pinterest discoveries & the lamp was a result of a thrifty find from several years ago. My original intention was to weave strips of leather through the metal bars but 1. I never got around to it & 2. once I realized pom poms would fit inside all other bets were off.

Chair & shelf (+ a few other odds & ends) were purchased new in part because a Facebook Marketplace deal fell through or I just grew tired of waiting for the right thing to come along secondhand. A few other pieces were gifted all while encouraging friends & family to consider hand-me-downs being as we’re some of the last in our circle yet to have children.

Fell in love with the bright colors of this vintage map & knew it had to find a place in this room. The bonus? Zoom calls made it look like I was located in a classroom while my makeshift office held residency at the same time that this was our spare bedroom.

Guilty as charged when it comes to arranging books by color. The Home Edit swears it's easier for kids to put them away this way, so I blame them for any judgement you throw my way.

Fun fact: store bought curtains are usually really ugly. So is most readily available home decor fabric. Like, WHYYYYY? Thank goodness for Spoonflower & that 4 year Apparel Design degree which has allowed me the skills to make my own! Repurposed our old, falling apart curtains as a liner so they're super blackout-y.

Needed a basket, made that lumpy one out of extra macrame cord left over from our wedding backdrop. It was therapeutic with a learning curve & took kind of a long time + lots of thread. Topped it off with leather handles & here she lives, filled with plush toys.

One last fun fact: my sister & I gifted each other these children's sized guitars for Christmas a few years back in hopes that we would learn to play. We each learned like chords & then gave up. However, I've toted mine to the hospital TWICE to play her kids "Happy Birthday" on the day they were born.

That's it, friends! Now onward to scour Pinterest for how to fold & care for cloth diapers + how the heck to wrap a baby carrier sling. Wish me luck!


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