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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

I've recently joined forces with The Neon Tea Party to bring you a DIY of epic {& appropriately neon} proportions.

pom pom basket DIY

Per most of my magnificent up-cycling discoveries... it happened by mistake. Determined not to throw away an old & stained t-shirt- I tried my best to craftily cover the stain.

failed attempt to up-cycle

It was a major disaster & I ended up ripping a huge hole in the front of the tee. At this point, HELL BENT not to fail, I tried to patch up the hole but it quickly became one family sized bowl of terrible.

The ruined disaster sat on my floor for at least a week when a mind shift happened & I finally picked it back up. If I couldn't salvage it as a garment, surely the fabric could still be good for something.

Enter my sudden obsession with crafting the perfect pom pom and a brilliant discovery was made.

pom pom blanket

Jersey is the perfect material. Especially when taken from a soft, worn-in t-shirt.

up-cycled old tees

It took another week before I found a good home for the poms, then this post by Marisa lit another light bulb. Attach them to a basket!

I'm officially obsessed. Not only is it seriously the cutest way to store a bunch of my un-sightly shit... it's also a terribly adorable way to re-use one of the most commonly thrown clothing items {HOLLA!}.

pom pom basket

For real- check it out.

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