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Requests are popping up all over the internet for hospitals requesting fabric face masks.

You guys- I feel like we've traveled back in time... us ladies (& hopefully some gentlemen) are banding together, taking apart our fitted sheets to source whatever elastic we can freaking get our hands on to come together & help win the war on Coronavirus.

MAKE DO AND MEND, FRIENDS! 2020 edition!

Some hospitals are requesting specific designs & drop off instructions. Keep your eyes peeled for local requests or search here to find specific specifications regarding your location.

Here's the word on the street for Duluth, MN according to Hannah Johnson Fabrics:

St. Luke’s Hospital needs masks to cover the N95 masks. Having a cover to the approved mask means they don’t have to change the mask with every patient. This keeps their supply of N95 from running out. They would prefer that the elastic wraps around their head and not tie. If you make tie ones, they will use them but for ease of use, elastic around the head (or ears) is faster for them to use.

Essentia has asked for masks to give to patients when they enter the hospital and Ecumen would like some too. I also received a call that Essentia would be able to use as many as we can produce!

If you want to make the masks to cover the N95 surgical mask, which is what St. Luke’s requests, the pattern will be below. Essentia is happy with pleated masks.

All fabric should be washed and dried before you make them so any shrinkage will be released. They should be made from 100% cotton. No fuzzy fabrics, please.

Here's a link to a tutorial for the pleated face mask. This is an easy how-to! And my pal over at 7th Bone Tailoring had the genius idea of upcycling a bed sheet! It's the perfect fabric & even includes the elastic! Just un-do the casing & remove.

Below you'll find instructions to make a fitted fabric face mask. FREE pattern download HERE!

No need to sign up for emails (by all means, please do!)- just scroll down a little farther & click the icon.


Approximately 1/4 yard of fabric

11 inches of 1/8"-1/4" elastic



Sewing machine


1. Cut 4 pieces of pattern (2 will be the lining)

2. Indicate top of mask with an arrow on each side

3. Place right sides together & sew nose seam using a 1/4" seam allowance

4. Repeat with the lining

5. Clip curves & press

6. With right sides together, sew top and bottom edges using a 1/4" seam allowance

7. Clip curves & turn right side out

8. Top stitch 1/8" in, all the way around

9. Tack edges of elastic in place at the top & bottom of each side

10. Fold sides to lining, fold again to enclose raw edges

11. Stitch along sides making sure to secure elastic


Please follow proper instructions from your local hospital/donation center before dropping off.

If bringing to Hannah Johnson Fabrics, please complete the following instructions:

1. Wash finished masks in hot water

2. Dry in a hot dryer

3. Wash hands for 30 seconds

4. Take masks one by one from dryer, re-shape and bag individually in plastic bags

5. Drop off at receptacle outside Hannah Johnson Fabrics (4511 E. Superior Street, Duluth MN)


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