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Here lies my brain in paper form. Often open and rarely shared with the world {rarely shared with anyone for that matter}

Eager to share my established, developed and completed work with the world but over-protective of my computer screen or chicken scratch when working in public; apparently I’m afraid someone might catch of glimpse of my raw thoughts or early scribbles and laugh in my face. #irrationalfear

A self-proclaimed perfectionist and so damn determined to turn the ugly into something beautiful, I seldom bother to share these ultra-beginning stages. But really, it’s part of the process that I love the most- seeing the whole thing unfold before my eyes.

It’s a diary of sorts and much like my actual diary it gets more and more embarrassing the farther you look back. But also like that dreaded book, it shows the journey of where I came from and how I got here.

This is the basis of what makes a product a product and decides if an idea comes to life or not. It’s the reference I constantly look to when making decisions and trying to make something physical look every bit like what’s happening in my imagination.

Just like my brain, everything is scattered. Nothing is quite in order, not even the pages. The last sheets were the first to be filled, and with each new idea I find a random empty opening rather than the next chronological option. There are leather samples and magazine tear outs taped in + a random tuft of moss that I’m hoping one day will lend itself as the perfect color swatch.

In a sense it’s my pride & joy, but also me at my most vulnerable. This is me inviting you in past the curated feed of wonderfulness where even the mistakes I share are well lit and photographed on a perfectly white background {& yes, I see the irony here… there are just some things I can’t let go}, beyond the live stories with funny filters and perfectly aligned text. This is my brain high on creativity, unscathed by silly ideas, and excited to embark on something new.

It’s a tiny glimpse at reality, a small sampling of the turd that needs a shit ton {pun intended} of shining before it turns into anything worth sharing in my mind.

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