BAG 02 of 18: Ruth

Being in the midst of this 18 Bags Project while planning a wedding- it only seemed appropriate to create a purse for the occasion at hand. ⠀

Photo by Kellie Rae Studio

There’s not much to say about the exterior. I threw together a color palette to coordinate with a few other details & copied a different leather envelope of sorts I made a couple months back {#timecrunch} ⠀

The details inside- both visible & hidden are really what make it special. ⠀ ⠀ 1. The lining. It’s my favorite fabric EVER & the same silk I used in creating the very FIRST leather bag I ever made.

2. The hidden message. It’s sorta sweet & a little tongue in cheek. Not pictured: our wedding date in the lower right hand corner. ⠀

3. What was inside. After the ceremony, it held the hankie that 9 other women in my family have carried down the aisle since 1856 #talkaboutsomethingold

4. The name. After posting a photo on social, the convo got rolling & my sister suggested Ruth. My Dad’s mom who was a seamstress herself & carried the handkerchief on her wedding day.

Photo by Kellie Rae Studio

To be honest, this photo is pretty much the extent of how much it was actually USED. But whatever. Cool story, bro. ⠀ ⠀

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