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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

It was Earth Day & I was being hard on myself for not coordinating a clean-up, a special sale or let alone an e-blast saying, “Happy Earth Day!” For a business centered around up-cycling it seemed sacrilege.

Then I remembered that I had not one, but two dilapidated kiddie pools sitting in storage that I stole from my sister last summer. Always on the hunt for a new material that won’t fray (because, tassels)- I asked if I could save them from a landfill in hopes of making some sort of fringe suited for outdoor décor but hadn’t taken the time to figure it out just yet. Earth Day seemed like the perfect day to take on the challenge. And with only a few hours left in the day, some tassel jewelry seemed like the perfect task.

The fact that you guys have embraced these silly little earrings makes my heart so happy. As time goes on & my jacket stash continues to grow (along with my thrifting tendencies) my eyes keep opening wider & wider to the amount of stuff that gets tossed on the daily.

It’s amazing to see new eco-friendly products trending, a huge anti-straw initiative & people saying no to single use plastic but I still stand by the fact that up-cycling is the OG winner of going green.

It’s got me thinking about spreading the love by sharing more inspiration, how-tos & ideas. I’m only one gal who can only do so much, but if we all band together what a great impact we can make!

I have 2 simple things to ask of you.

  • Take a stab at being intentionally aware

Not asking you to change your habits or switch to new products, but next time you walk into a big box retailer, grocery store or shop on Amazon turn on your packaging radar. Note the amount of stuff in Styrofoam or packaged in plastic. Just be conscious. That’s all.

  • Lastly, I’d love your feedback

What sorts of things do you have laying around that could use a second life? Challenge me to up-cycle something. I’m always up for some creative thinking.


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