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ADIOS 2014, it's been real

It’s a time for new goals, new starts and cool new adventures. What will you chase in 2015?

Although I’m a strong believer that you don’t need a new year to chase a new ambition or make a big change, the ending of one year and the starting of another does present us with a great excuse to look back as well as look forward…

What I learned in 2014

I LOVE salad! It took me 26 years of being a picky eater to finally realize that lettuce doesn’t have to taste like grass.

Speaking of grass- it’s not greener on the other side. It’s a waste of time comparing yourself to others and wishing you had what they did, because when you do, you usually realize what you originally had was WAY better (just speaking from experience- lots of experience).

Your attitude and your outlook are EVERYTHING. I’ve heard it before and knew it subconsciously, but I’ve spent this last month focusing on the positives and counteracting the negatives with more positives and reaped the benefits!

What I’m doing in 2015

Setting specific and attainable goals. In fact, I just finished up writing some concrete financial objectives rather than just hoping sales will increase. Now I’ve got some numbers to bounce around and shoot for.

Read more. I’m 3/4 of the way through #GIRLBOSS and I can’t put it down. There are several more business (and for fun) books on my “to read” list.

Vacation. Heading for Maine in January, but I’m really itching to cross NYC off my bucket list (maybe London again, too!)

What do YOU have planned for 2015? Don’t be shy, shout it out in the comments section below!

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