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I’ve recently started Christmas shopping.


I know, it’s a scary thought. Mostly because that means soon we’ll have to wake up an extra half hour earlier just to shovel our sidewalks and scrape the dang snow off our cars. Oh yeah, and the daunting task of finding the perfect gift for every close friend & family member. Side note: Why does it get harder and harder? EVERY. FREAKING. YEAR?

I digress. My angry rant was originally intended to be directed at online shopping- where I tend to do a lot of my Christmas spending. You know, now that you can find anything that your heart ever has or ever will desire within the endless coves and potholes of the internet. But here’s a mystery… Once you set that lovely holiday spending budget-

Do you or do you not include the shipping costs towards what you spend on the gift?

A conundrum the modern world may never solve.

No one likes to pay for it in the first place. So here’s your reward for getting your shop on early:

Free domestic shipping on Etsy orders (w00t w00t)! Now through Small Business Saturday with coupon code “REWARDME”

Spend til you heart's content and it ships FO FREE. Because happy holidays =)

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