The pressure to portray only the perfect version of ourselves on social media is all too real.

So today when my backdrop came toppling on my head mid-photoshoot, I couldn’t help but happy dance a little when I realized that my self-timer had captured the moment so wonderfully.

It’s the little moments like this (or just a result of the slight concussion I suffered) that reminds me that despite all the stuff we’re trying to accomplish in the day- we’re all human.

And sometimes it’s ok to take a step back, laugh at life & realize that you’re not Beyoncé.

P.S. That woman has a whole freaking TEAM behind her, so it’s really not a fair comparison in the first place.

Thank goodness I’m letting the amazing miss JaneCane Photography do her thing in the near future. I have a feeling there won’t be any major set malfunctions when you let the professionals take over.

P.P.S. Click here to see the shot that made the final cut!