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BAG 01 of 18: Bernie

Back in April I committed to a thing. Making 1 bag per month for the next year & a half. It seemed pretty daunting at first, but turns out it feels really good to get back in the purse making game. I’ve been sharing my progress over on Instagram {holla Insta stories!} but wanted a bit more archival-y platform {+ let’s be honest, something to blog about} & a place to share more details and dive deeper into the story of each bag.

Here goes nothing!

cravebycrv sketchbook

In my experience, the best nicknames come from being drunk or autocorrect.

Sometimes it’s a combination of both. I think that’s how “Beth” turned into “Bernie.” And obviously it stuck.

I met Beth on the first day of high school. We were at the point in orientation where they make you play stupid ice breakers. Our awkward young selves made eye contact when we were asked to find a partner & we’ve been besties ever since. The feeling was palpable. They tried to separate us from the start encouraging us to pair up with someone we didn’t know.

Fast forward to 2014ish when Beth handed me a leather jacket that was taking up space in her closet. I wrote her name on a post-it, stuck it on the care label & tucked it away for that “someday” when I’d make her something from it. Turns out that a milestone birthday was the perfect occasion.

phantom thread, secret message, cravebycrv

I posted photos, polls & tiny hints along the way {I thought she might have caught on when she quoted our high school Geometry teacher}. However, in the end she was totally surprised.


Enjoy your bad ass bag like the bad ass babe you are.

bernie black upcycled leather bag

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