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Holy Sh*t It's Been a Decade

10 years ago I packed up my portfolio & left straight from our crappy garage-esque apartment to my first real job interview. ⠀

It went so epically terrible that I immediately cried in my car upon leaving #latherrinserepeat 10 years ago I also started dabbling in the world of repurposing. No one knew what the world “upcycle” meant and I was too unsure of myself to explain it to anyone anyway.

It took getting grossed out by my own consumption habits & proof that our world is melting (+ burning) to turn a side hustle into an obsession with using every scrap & saving kiddie pools from their inevitable doom. ⠀ 10 years later hindsight is as clear as everyone says it is & changing the world seems quite doable at the dawning of a new decade.⠀ ARE YOU WITH ME?

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