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An eco conscious entrepreneur posting anything on Earth Day feels as groundbreaking as florals for spring.

But alas, it's fun to see a larger population talking more one day a year about the kind of stuff I'm obsessing (read: worrying) about like all the time. Thanks for joining in on the conversation and an even bigger thanks if you went out of your way to better our planet on April 22 🎉

And amongst the deep, dark depths of the inter webs (my internet acquaintance @loveheylola has been getting smack for not doing "enough") I love how sharing one person's actions can create a ripple and inspire others to make a difference, too.

So in honor of this one day deemed worthy of doing better- I've been thinking about some of my favorite projects to date. Whether they've created any ripples or not, here they all are in one blog post. May we go forth and make more small changes.

Food Bags Turned Tote Bag

Sleeping Bag Turned Jacket

Discarded Canvas Gets a Facelift

Trophies For the Win

Pom Pom Fuzz Reimagined


All these other things that were garbage and now they're bags:

Turns out picking a favorite is like choosing a favorite child or something 🤷‍♀️

What will be next?


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