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Just because Small Business Saturday is over doesn’t mean the opportune time to #shopsmall has passed. Small Biz Sat was a success, but this year its success almost made me a little bitter. The fact that this new found holiday was created and sponsored by some corporate giant spending thousands and thousands of dollars on marketing & producing free shiz to hand out made me a little upset at first.

However, if this credit card mogul didn’t do it… who would have?

It’s only took about 5 years to really catch on and become nationally recognized. Had a small business itself deemed the holiday it would’ve taken much longer to make the same impact.

Also, I hope this is just a small stepping stone in changing our mindsets towards what shopping local really is. It’s not just one day out of 365- it’s making a conscious effort every day. You’ve seen the statistics and the cute graphics explaining how dollars kept in the community are uber helpful. But unfortunately you can’t bottle up the feeling that comes when hoards of people support the baby {I mean business. No, actually I do mean baby} that you’ve built from the ground up.

That’s priceless.

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