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I’m all about the small changes. Little things here and there that add up to a bigger impact. Or let’s be real… just counteract some of my copious consumption & attempt to make it a bit more conscious.

Uff duh- that was a mouthful.

You’ve probably heard the story by now, but if you haven’t, get caught up here.

My adventures in up-cycling really started by mistake, but ever since, it’s made me more aware of how much stuff I consume, throw away and get rid of just because I’d rather have the latest and greatest rather than make do and mend {or as I now like to say, make NEW and mend}.

I like to think I’m a few flax seeds away from being a total granola cruncher, but also proof that you don’t have to live in linen pants and organic cotton everything to make an impact on the environment.

Image by Megan Whitmarsh

With that being said, this year I set out to continue to make small changes in my own life {while hoping to inspire others to do the same}.

And with THAT being said, I’m excited to announce the adoption of a one for one business initiative taking effect this summer:

For every product sold, I'm committing to pick up one piece of trash.

{Beach sweeps & roadside cleanups are going to be my bitch}

It’s a baby step. A tiny baby step. I thought about raising the bar a bit more, but I’m only one person. As time allows & the business grows, so will the goal.

Join me, my non-linen pants & pesticided cotton tee and let’s do this!

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