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5 Ways Life is Legitimately Like Climbing a Mountain

I’ve spent the last 3 days with jello legs hiking up & downhill all the while comparing climbing a mountain to life & business analogies. Here are my deep thoughts from the deep wilderness:

Set small goals. Turns out that a giant squiggly line on a map is super daunting. So is staring a couple hundred feet up a peak you’re about to scale. However, that tree up ahead? Easy peasy. The giant boulder after that? A breeze. Focusing on reaching the next landmark was way less scary & a lot less work. Real life takeaway: Keep the end goal in mind, but backtrack from there to make mini manageable goals.

Celebrate little {& big} victories. In the moment, it felt like we were moving slow & getting nowhere fast. But when we took a moment to look back- HOLY GUACAMOLE our starting point was a freaking spec in the distance. When we took a moment to look back and enjoy where we were, the journey was so worth it. Fun fact: I refuse to throw out my first sewing projects because HOLY PROGRESS, BATMAN. It’s funny to see what I was so proud of 10 years is absolute garbage in my eyes now.

Work alongside people who are more qualified/motivated/just plain better than you. I climbed the fastest when I was right behind the leader of our pack because he set the standard high. Same goes for real life relationships. You are who you surround yourself with. Do they push you in the right direction? I hustle hardest when I have someone in my creative community to keep me accountable & keep pushing me forward.

It’s ok to pivot. We originally set out to complete the Pemi Loop- 30+ miles of rugged terrain with plenty of peaks & valleys. Part way in we opted to shave off a couple mountains & a few miles. And we left with all our limbs attached as a result 🙃 Having a plan is a great plan, but when your plan doesn’t go as planned, allowing for a little spontaneity can do wonders.

When all else fails, pretend you’re on a Nike commercial. Let me preface this by saying that I am perhaps the least athletically gifted human ever. Decked out in my fancy outdoor gear & hiking boots- during the seriously rough spots, I fooled myself into thinking that a film crew was following our adventure & capturing footage for the next big campaign. It made me push harder instead of sitting still. Not sure what the point is here. Dress for the job you want, fake it til you make it, just do it- maybe they all apply? Or maybe I’m just a giant weirdo with a guilty pleasure for reality tv.

Lastly, thanks to Queen Miley, I’ll leave you with this profound nugget- “It’s all about the climb.”

Enjoy the journey, friends! Even when your legs are shaking & you’re on the verge of puking from exhaustion, the view is still pretty beautiful.

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