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Inspiration From Everywhere (BAG12of18)

I typically skip past the first quarter of magazines because it's always full of ads. The same ads in every fashion mag. Some up & coming model who I don't know because I'm getting old holding a bag in an uncomfortable position that no one in their right mind would sit in, a giant picture of a bottle of perfume I'm never going to buy, or some new serum I'll never use even though the girl in the white dress looks super happy about it.

But this time I did a double take when I saw that pretty stove with the bright blue knobs. I tried to flip past it, but I turned back to the page. I felt silly about ripping it out. It's a stove. What am I going to do with a photo of a stove?

Photo via Best Buy

But I grabbed it, and lo & behold, here we are and I'm telling you about the bag that was inspired by a kitchen appliance.

It's funny how the kitchen theme unintentionally ran from there. The final sketch kind of resembles a modern lunch box.

Can you see where the inspiration took flight? That silly little circle in the middle of the bag.

And here she is in all her glory- inside out of course (because that's part of the process).

Maybe I should run with this? Do a whole "everything but the kitchen sink" collection!? Blenders, microwaves, dishwashers... could be riveting.

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