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Animal Obsessed

Raise your hand if you're a dog mom.

Any cat ladies in the house?

(Insert "crazy" if applicable)

Becoming a pet parent was certainly a life-changing decision- for all the obvious reasons that come along with owning a new puppy... enjoying daily sunrises (no more sleeping in), mandatory closet re-organization (shoes must be above ground level) & of course the new found connection that comes with falling in love with a fur ball (the girl that was so worried about dog hair everywhere suddenly don't care).

But there's also the not so obvious & thing I never imagined would happen to me: my puppy became my muse. I mean, just look at this face.

Photo by Kellie Rae Studio

I love trips to the pet store as much as the next pet owner, but the idea of making my own supplies seemed like more fun. Plus, factor in an element of re-purposing & obviously that gets my wheels turning.

With a few rounds of experiments under my belt, a few of my successes have made their way to my online shop in hope that you & your four-legged family member can enjoy, too!

My favorite so far: PET PORTRAITS

I took to Instagram to ask for a few models- keep scrolling to see how they turned out.

Care to own a rendering of you own animal? Get started here!


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