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My Friends Are Cool

My friends are so cool I have a whole page devoted to them.

I guess it's only half a page... but I still think they're pretty great.

In fact, they're so great that I've teamed up with some of them to create stuff cooler than I could've conjured on my own.

See for yourself!


The Backstory

I met my friend Kat in 2009 while we were both studying abroad in London {ironically in a leather handbag class}.

We re-connected several years later when she launched a children's clothing line {William + Leora} & supported each other throughout our entrepreneurial journeys.

Eventually Kat took her skills to Cambodia where she currently works with an organization that rescues women from sex trafficking, helps them integrate real life skills & offers employment at a fair wage. Here she oversees a factory that provides jobs for women and works as a technical designer all while learning the local language.

Yeah, she's basically a freaking rockstar.

Earlier this year we started talking about joining forces & eventually landed on an idea that brought us together in the first place all while combining our passions to create something to be proud to carry.

Each pouch has been handmade by survivors of trafficking using deadstock fabric + leather scraps from sandals produced under the same roof.



If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you've received plenty an ear full about Sam. We crossed paths earlier this year but it feels like we've known each other basically forever.

The Backstory

Sam is a renowned SkillShare teacher {& soon-to-be AUTHOR} known for her watercolor paintings & urban sketching.

She's doing her than all over these wood beads so I can make them into necklaces.

We may have some other stuff up our sleeves, too. Stay tuned ;)


Want to know more? Click each photo for more info or to purchase.

And THANKS for supporting my big, crazy dreams.

My friends thank you, too.


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