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Motorcycle chaps, blaze orange pants, skirt & blazer suit sets... You wouldn't believe the degree of hideous stuff that is made out of leather. I've seen it all and I've cut it all apart.

Now I could use your help gathering the fugliest of the fugly.

Hand over a leather garment and I'll hand you a tassel. For real. All I ask is that it meets these requirements:

👉 Must be genuine leather (check the inside tag to confirm)

👉 No suede, please! (Smooth like baby's bootay, no peach fuzzy texture)

👉 Bonus points for bright colors

👉 Slight wear & tear OK, but must be approved for "use-able" condition

How to donate:

In the Twin Ports area? Cool! Get in touch to coordinate a pick up.

Non-locals can get in touch to ship. Please send a photo of the garment + fiber content tag to confirm that it meets the requirements.

What you'll get:

One 4" tassel keychain will be given as a reward for your generosity (1 per garment donation). Pick color of choice upon time of swap, or receive a tassel made from your donation (just pay shipping charge).

Thanks for your help!


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